Monday, 17 January 2022

Monday mutterings

Another week is upon us. Those weekends just fly past don't they? 
Today was my weekly food pantry visit. I hadn't needed to go over Christmas as free food was pretty abundant everywhere you looked. It's definitely slowed up now back its usual gentle flow. 
I used up some of the lemon curd I made on Friday by making lemon curd cupcakes. Each one has a little pocket of curd in the centre when you bite into them. There is also a dash of lemon curd in the buttercream icing too. 
As an experiment they've worked really well and are fast disappearing.

This week pantry food was a good mix.

Lotus biscuits
Maggi bbq bags 
Vegan mince x2
Corned beef slices
 Bacon grill 
Pork luncheon meat 

Definitely a fair bit to turn into some tasty meals and treats this week. Tonight's dinner is a homemade spaghetti bognaise hopefully followed by any cupcakes the children haven't already snaffled.
You have to be quick around cakes in this house 🤣
X x x


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  1. Cake is the same here, I made tinned mango and choc chip tray bake and its half gone. I only have 2 children lol


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