Sunday, 2 January 2022

Kensington Palace trip


Just before Christmas my MIL very kindly asked if DD1 and I would like to join on a trip to London. MIL wanted to see the exhibition currently displaying Lady Diana's wedding dress at Kensington Palace.

We drove to Richmond and park there for the day before taking the train into London. 

Kensington Palace was small but packed to the rafters with interesting things and bits of history. We got to stand on the stairs where Victoria saw Albert and fell in love with him, which felt very special. Seeing the room she was born in and her childhood toys was sweet. I love the idea of a young Victoria sewing little doll outfits and giving her dolls elaborate names and backstories.

 We of course enjoyed the dress exhibition. Not only seeing THE wedding dress but also others like the toile of The Queen Mother's coronation dress. 

 The Diana memorial was a little underwhelming as you can only approach it from the rear of the statue. I would have liked a chance to look closer at the details of it from the front but that was just the way it is.

 I tried the go through the gift shop with my blinkers on but there was a splendid sale on. We purchased 3 writing pens and 2 postcards for £3.95. The pens were originally priced at £3.99 each so I feel we did well. I now have a lovely pen and souvenir for my current journal.  It was our only spend of the days outside of tickets as we bought a picnic lunch with us which we ate in the gardens.

 I'm really hoping that we can do a lot more trips to interesting places this year. After 2 years of not particularly going very far it would be such a treat to go exploring again.

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  1. I went to Kensington Palace to see the Diana clothes exhibition and it was simply amazing. Yours sounds, if anything, even better.

  2. I would love to see inside Kensington Palace. I was interested to read about your day out. I think a day out somewhere different gives one a bit of a boos in these weird times..


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