Friday, 24 November 2017

This week's frugalling

Outings - 
This week baton training was cancelled on Wednesday to let everyone rest after Sunday's big competition day. It means the girls will get a free replacement session in Decembers fees. It also meant we ate at home instead of Macdonalds after training.

Today Gman and I went to our regular Friday morning playgroup. It's costs £1 a session and includes crafts, snacks, tea/coffee and biscuits.

I walked home instead of catching the bus twice this week. It's great exercise but getting a little chilly for Gman. 


This week we were given a snowing Christmas tree by my grandparents. They used it last year but decided it wasn't for them and that the children would enjoy it.

My friend Beth gave me some pregnancy toiletries. Foam bath and aching leg/foot cream by Sanctuary. They smell incredible and I look forward to using them.
She also gifted some board books she thought Gman would enjoy.

I used my O2 phone app to receive a free packet of WHSmith Christmas cards (worth £6.99!) and a free can of sparkling fruit juice. I also enjoyed a free hot chocolate from cafe Nero.

I used my Waitrose reward card to enjoy free coffees each afternoon on the school run. 

I have received several offers of baby clothes from other parents in the playground today.

Savvy Shopping

I used a voucher in Macdonalds to buy a meal for £1.99. I split the fries and burger with Gman and it fed us nicely for lunch.

I had a rummage through the freshly filled 20p clothes bin in Sue Ryder. I found a night dress for DD1, denim sleeveless dress for DD2, 2x Disney baby grows and a 2 piece floral outfit for the baby. 
Total price - £1.20p

We are currently decluttering our film collection ready to move home. We traded in 3 large bagfuls at CEX and bought 2 new films we wanted to see. The remaining money was credited to my husband's account to use later.  The balance stands at around £35+

I bought a vintage copy of Anderson and Grim fairy tales (1925) and a copy of Now we are 6 by A.A.Milne from 1970 for 25p each. Both will be gifted to DD1 for Christmas. 

Next week plans

I would like to start some cress, basil, chives and other herbs on the windowsill for fresh supplies.

Knit a hat that DD1 has fallen in love with on Pinterest. Thankfully it's a free pattern and I have suitable wool.

Finish a cross stitch card I started a few weeks ago and havant returned to yet.

Work on the next meals to include in our 3 month stockpile.

Make a list of baby items we need/want and look at what we already have stashed away. 

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