Sunday, 26 November 2017

Frozen Sunday

We were up early this morning, trading in the traditional Sunday morning lay in for a trip to the cinema. 
I saw an advertisement a few weeks back for a special showing of Frozen on the big screen, it included a chance to see a new Olaf short that had been released for Christmas. 
Knowing the girls absolutely love Frozen and Frozen Fever we booked tickets early before they sold out.
We don't often visit the cinema due to the cost of tickets. It can cost as much as £12 each to see a film! When you are a family of 5, soon to be 6, it just isn't feasible. But luckily there is a budget friendly option on offer. KIDS AM or Kids Club, is run by both Vue and Odeon.  Tickets start from as little as £1.25 though they are usually £2.50 locally and give you a chance to watch a fun family friendly film on a Saturday or Sunday morning. 
It's often extended to weekday mornings during the school holidays.
You won't see the latest releases but you do get to enjoy great movies on the big screen with the full cinema experience.
The children really enjoyed the trip today. They all behaved beautifully and only one trip to the loo was needed part way through.
We're hoping to go again just after Christmas.


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