Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Keeping G warm.

My poor little Gman has been feeling the cold on the school runs. Because it's a bit of a speed trial getting the girls in two places almost at once, Gman is strapped into the buggy. But because he's not running about like the mad lunatic he is, he gets very chilly.

I've been hunting for a snow suit in charity shops, freegle, Freecycle and ebay. As you can probably guess the cheapest time to get them is during a heat wave, not during a massive cold snap when everyone wants one.
So I've given in and bought a brand new one from Asda for him. At £14 It's less than the £20 budget I had in my head for a new suit, and I will of course be carefully storing it for future use. 
 I'm hoping for a much more snuggly warm Gman tomorrow morning, I just hope he doesn't notice it has pockets and hides anything icky in them lol. 

X x x


  1. Looks really cosy and def need it in this cold snap. My grandson has a cosy allinone from Muddy Puddles and he loves wearing it when we go out to the park.

  2. You've got a bargain there.

    When my boys were little snowsuits ran around $50Canadian. And we need them, when it hits -20C even with blankets and hotwater bottles, the buggy was retired.

  3. of course he will!! Little ones just love pockets!!


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