Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer holidays day 2

 Today we stayed home, DH was working so it's just me and children for the day. Tomorrow has something rather special planned so staying indoors was a good plan.
 First we made a raisin bread recipe from our newest River Cottage cook book.  They all enjoyed weighing out ingredients and kneading the door. DD2 was fascinated that the dough needed to 'sleep' in the airing cupboard and reminded us frequently that "the raisins are sleeping! Ssshhhh!"

Clever hubby found a yellow stickered pineapple a few days ago. At 10p it was a fantastic and tasty bargain. I was planning to serve it with pancakes but as soon as the scent of fresh pineapple wafted through air it was gobbled up as a starter. 
We are now trying to grow our own pineapple plant from the leafy top. Hopefully we'll have a few sunny and tropical days to help get it growing.

The afternoon was spent cutting and sticking. I let the girls loose on some old seed and flower catalogues, they made beautiful fantasy gardens in their holiday diaries. It was a lovely quiet, and relatively clean craft to do while DS napped. 

Tomorrow morning we have the excitement of the gas man visiting to do our annual boiler check. Hopefully the poor bloke won't be as pestered as last year's chap.
Then it's off to visit the grandparents for a special surprise!

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  1. Its good to read your holiday activities with your children as it reminds me of when mine were little. We lived in a village and the only resource was the library which was used to a large extent. Other than that we found plenty to amuse us. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


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