Sunday, 30 July 2017

Days 3 and 4

On Friday we spent a quiet morning at home. I managed to distract 2 of the 3 kids with a Disney movie but Gman was fascinated by the gas man and stalked him around the house for the duration of  his visit.
The afternoon was spent charity shopping in Eastleigh. 

In the evening my parents took the children out for a few hours. Hubby and I had a lovely meal at Frankie and Bennys, which included a sneaky cocktail for Mummy ;)

Yesterday DH was working again, but I was very brave a took the children out solo. I have no problem taking them somewhere I know but this was a completely new place in an area I didn't really know. 
We visited a Summer Fun Day held by the Friends of Hermitage stream. Most of the activities were free or very low priced so we all had a go at everything. 

The highlight of the trip was definitely the pond dipping. We caught some tiny sticklebacks, pond shrimp and a water boatman. 

We came home with handfuls of freebies to. 2 lovely cotton shopping bags, several leaflets, recipe cards, rice scoop and spaghetti measure. The girls have popped all the badges on their backpacks.

Among the little selection of stalls was a Christmas in July stall, guessed it!
All the items were priced at 30p or 4 for £1. I grabbed a small craft set and 3 sets of the advent calenders. Each of the numbered mittens has a tiny wooden peg behind it, perfect for holding a sweet or a little treat.  
Because the children said thank you politely when we bought our items the lady on the stall added 2 mini jigsaw puzzles for free. 
The jigsaws have 20 pieces each so I'm planning to put one piece a day on the advent calenders for the girls, or possibly a clue on where to find that days piece. 
For now they have been stashed in the Christmas box ready for  December.

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