Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mini holibobs on IOW

On Friday the girls school was closed for teacher training. It was the perfect time to use our Sun holiday vouchers for a weekend break on the IOW!
This weekend we've ridden on ferries across the sea.

Petted the residents at a Donkey Sanctuary.

Enjoyed a Garlic Farm's adventure playground.

Eaten burgers on the top deck of a converted London bus. 

Hitched a lift on the dinosaurs of Black Gang Chine.

And made hundreds of wonderful memories that'll last forever.

Good use of a weekend, I think.

X x X


  1. I took my children to Black Gang Chine when they were a similar age.

  2. I have photos of my two eldest from Blackgang Chine as well - my littlest wasn't born yet, and he's 14 now, so it was quite a while back. Doesn't look like it's changed much, lol. I was actually at the Garlic Farm last summer with a friend who lives in IoW, but I admit, we didn't go to the adventure playground! Looks like a great time.


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