Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quiet weekend

The girl's school have changed their approach to handwriting this year.  Instead of confusing the poor students with curly cursive they have now opted for a more simple unjoined approach.
Not knowing different DD2 should be fine with the change, but DD1 has been trying to write the old way for two years.

This weekend we will be practising the new way. DD1 seems to be taking to it quickly. She never quite got into the flow of cursive but already her writing speed is improving and her handwriting much neater.
As she is taking her SATS next year this can only bode well. It still feels like a bit of a curveball to throw the pupils though.

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  1. We moved house when I was 7½. I had beautiful handwriting before that [Mum kept copies] then my next primary school had a totally different style. My writing was confused ever since - I think because I was the only one 'different' nobody took time to help. I am sure your DDs will cope with all the support from school AND home!!


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