Friday, 16 September 2016

Frugal Halloween update.

I'm really pleased with my half term planning. I have a whole stash of ideas ready to go and plenty more on my Pinterest board.
Today I made felt pumpkins with fuzzy felt faces.
The pumpkins are actually pockets to store the face parts inside. It used up a few more small pieces from my felt stash. 

The Halloween folder where I am collecting everything is looking nicely stuffed.
So far it contains;

*Cleaver Golf
*tons of colouring pages
*DIY spooky book craft
*jigsaw puzzles
*fuzzy felt
*several paper dolls
*pumpkin faces (as mentioned above)
*activity sheets (again tons printed)

Not in the folder;
*cake decorating kit
*egg boxes for bats
*pumpkin pots 
*paper lanterns
*pumpkin shopping/carving/soup & baking.

Trips out planned;
*pumpkin shopping (local farm do a fab display)
*spooky walk (free annual event at garden centre)
* Free Halloween crafts at local shopping centre 

That's not to bad considering I have £20 left in my budget :)
And there's plenty of time to find even more things to do!


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