Friday, 9 September 2016

Halloween prep

Another £1 gone from the budget but definitely well spent. Making and decorating cupcakes will fill two mornings easily. The girls love baking and Daddy loves cake so everyones a winner.

I couldn't resist these either. I'm planning to line them with a freezer bag to make sensory boxes. You know the type you fill with Cooked spaghetti and say it's witches hair or peeled grapes for eyeballs? If they survive the experience I will pop a LED candle inside to use as decorations.

After researching Angela's egg carton bat idea, I put a request on Facebook for cardboard egg boxes (mine are plastic). I'be already had one passed to me in the playground and two more promised for Monday. This activity is costing me nothing as I have everything else in stock. 
Thank you Angela!

The remaining Halloween budget is now £21/£25.
And I've just found out that school finishes on Thursday 21st so I now have 10 days to plan.
whoop whoop.

X X X 

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