Saturday 23 July 2016

Welcome to nature week

Week one of the holidays has officially begun in the Random household. As we are all still recovering from yesterday so it hasn't be a hugely active, but we did manage a short nature walk in the local park.

I saw the colourwheel idea on Pinterest.
The girls really enjoyed collecting all the different colours and it made for some interesting conversations.

DD2; Mummy? Can I stick the sky in my diary book?

Blue and red proved to be the hardest colours to find, but we persevered. 

We also collected a handful of leaves and flowers (dandilions, buttercups and daisys) for Baby G.
Using some zip lock baggies and budget hair gel we made sensory bags for him to explore. 
Over the course of the day we all had a good squishing session or two. It has a really satisfying texture to plat with.

X x X

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