Saturday 30 July 2016

A gardening sort of a day

 Today's activity was garden themed small world play. The girls enjoyed planting seeds (dried pumpkin seeds) and making artificial flowers pop up. I found a sweet children's gardening set in Pound land. They loved the little trowel and watering can.

After spending the morning organising their mini garden, we walked to the local garden centre to look at the flowers. The reduction table was full of chilli plants so I snaffled two for £1 each. I went for mild varieties, hopefully we should get lots of use out of them :)

I spent the afternoon reporting my aloe Vera who have had an abundance of babies again this summer. Between the two parent plants I found 12.
Hopefully I'll be able to sell the surplus plants shortly. 

The parent plants are now living in the two biggest pots I own. I will look out for a cheap planter when they start selling off the summer stuff in the shops.

With the parent plants now way to big for my windowsill, they have been replaced with two of this year's Vera-lings. Hopefully they will be a successful as their parents, it seems to be a prime spot for success.


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