Wednesday 20 July 2016

The Hungry Caterpillar themed day

I had hoped the first day of the holidays would be a nice lazy pajama day.
So obviously the girls decided they wanted a Hungry Caterpillar day...ten minutes before they went to bed!!!
Thanks to Google and Pinterest though we have it covered.

Activity sheet avaliable HERE
Memory card game avaliable HERE
 (For DD1's number bonds we have written numbers on each card. As she turns them over we will write them down as a sum and solve it before taking the next turn.)

Cut out pictures avaliable HERE
Folding story book available HERE

The original story is of course a must have! And the girls holiday diary to collect all their writting and pictures in. We found these colourful exercise books in Wilkos for just 50p each.

A rummage in the toy box has uncovered some on theme paper placemats and set of jigsaw puzzles.
Hopefully Hubby will remember to buy some oranges when he finishes work tomorrow. I have the other 4 fruits in the kitchen currently so making a fruit salad will be no hardship at all.

I hope they enjoy it.

X x X

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