Wednesday 6 July 2016

Potting up the herbs.

I've reached that quiet stage in the growing season.
The plants only need minimal care and watering, and I've not yet started getting gluts of anything to start preserving.
I decided to use my afternoon in the garden to tidy up the greenhouse a bit and try growing some herb cuttings.
I'm pretty confident that the mint will survive the process. I'm not even sure it's possibly to kill a mint plant. The chives, however, seem to be a bit more of a delicate plant to me. I've separated the huge chunk I had into three. Fingers crossed they all survive and I will get plenty of chive plants to sell on my plant stall next year.

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  1. I struggle to grow mint on a flannel - but thrilled that i divided my clump of chives in Leicester and they are thriving in my new Dorset garden. I also have mint, rosemary, thyme [2 sorts] and sage. The slugs ate my beans and courgettes - so it is lots of herbs and no 'solid' veg!!


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