Thursday 30 July 2015

I need to lay down...

...We bought a new car today! Granted it was a much needed new car and a necessity, but even so it's a lot of pennies in one hit!
I  love the fact that our frugal lifestyle means we could buy it then and there without needing a loan or finance (shudder).

We have been researching cars for a month or two so we knew exactly the make, model and price we wanted. My brother works in the car industry and was a willing advisor on all things auto.
so when he came across the perfect car for us we snapped it up.

Days like today make all our frugalling totally worth it!

X x x


  1. Hiya, were also a family of 5 living frugally, we bought our needed new car in one go too, I don't do debt or loan and will not pay Apr on anything. Small savings from a frugal life makes these things possible.

  2. When you have a family member like that in the auto industry, it really does make things so much easier. I drop my brothers name when we go car hunting and it literally helps to eliminate all that back and forth haggling that goes on when you are in the market for a new vehicle. Looks like your little ones loves the new ride.


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