Monday, 20 July 2015

Handmade Gift for teacher.

Tomorrow is DD'S final day of year R. I can't believe it's over so quickly!
Her teacher and teaching assistant have been amazing.  They have really helped support us with Coordinating school and home learning.
DD adores them and has learned so many new and wonderful things.
They definitely deserve a thank you gift, but what to give them?
The shops have a stunning selection of plastic trophies,  giant shiny certificates and chocolate medals, but I am a mummy on a budget.

So I gave DD my two left over plant pots from the windowsill project I completed recently. I armed her with stickers and stick on gems, donated two of my Aloe Vera offshoots and left her too it.
Both teachers now have a hand decorated pot plant.
hopefully they will last longer than any chocolate medal or plastic trophy.

X x x


  1. I am a kindy teacher and one of my lovely kiddos gave me a pot decorated with textas and full of herbs he had grown from seed. 12 months on I am still enjoying those herbs and smiling and thinking of him every time I see that pot. I am sure that your gifts were well received.

  2. Great idea, I love the idea of presents that will last more than 10 minutes like the normal chocolates or wine. Also shows more thought has gone into it xxx

  3. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift! My class and families all know I'm a frugal 'Miss' and I get the most thoughtful gifts each year. X

  4. useful gift and one that will be well appreciated.


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