Saturday 11 July 2015

Holiday panic?

Rainy day back up activities from Wilkos.

It's almost the summer holidays! Does it fill you with dread or delight? 
Personally I love them. I miss my daughters so much when they are in school and preschool. I must admit to feeling jealous of the teachers getting to be around them more than me.
I still need to prep to make it a success though.

Each week (starting on a Saturday) has an overall theme. This year we are going for;
* The Gruffalo
* The farm
* Dinosaurs
* Under the sea
And one week to be decided as we might be going away if Hubby can book it off work.

Week one is Gruffalo week. So far I have stashed the two Gruffalo books, 2x moneybox painting kits, printable masks, mazes, activity sheets etc. I've pinned several Gruffalo theme games and activities on Pinterest as well as some recipes that fit the theme. I've bookmarked the film adaptions to watch on YouTube. 
  Each evening once the girls are in bed, Hubby and I  set up for the next day. We try and have one active activity (trip out/game to play), two crafty type activities , on theme film to watch and on theme book to read.
 Hopefully we can avoid the phrase "Mummy I'm bored" in this household for the duration.

How are you prepping for the holidays?

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  1. Great idea! I am in total agreement with you - I would still be homeschooling if hubby agreed as I miss them and am so jealous of the teachers getting all their best hours of the day. By the time I get them back, they are tired and cranky! Looks like your holidays will be great fun.

  2. You are full of great ideas..we have "We are going on a bear hunt"..we love that book..and do all the actions all over the house..have you thought about Den a den and live in it for the day..
    I loved reading this post..i get so fed up of hearing other mums moan about the holidays..honestly what on earth did they do with their children before they even started are so full of energy and your children will remember their holidays with such fondness in years to come.

  3. Love the holidays, miss my girls now there back in school.


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