Wednesday 29 July 2015

Free fruit crumble

We have been having a quiet day of recovery after all of yesterday's walking. We watched The Gruffalo film again with breakfast and the girls just wanted to play on their kindles or watch cartoons.
By 11 o'clock though they started becoming restless so we headed to the park for ten minutes.

While we were there I had a quick check on the plum trees to find the first crop of mirabelles ready to pick. With the girls help we sooned pick a few bags full and loaded up Gmans pram.

After lunch the two smallest took a nap and DD and I made two huge plum and blackberry crumbles.
One will see us through a few days and the other is in portions in the freezer.
Tomorrow after the errands are run I am hoping to make a nice batch of plum jam.

X x x


  1. That crumble looks so yummy...I am waiting for the blackberries around here to rippen to make some jam...

  2. Plums are fantastic ! especially free ones!


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