Sunday 15 March 2015

What a party!

I'm  pleased to say that DD'S 5TH birthday party went without a hitch on Saturday. Everyone turned up and arrived with wonderful gifts for DD. The kids all played happily on the equipment, the mum's and dad's who stayed enjoyed a natter. A few younger siblings stayed to so Baby D had similar aged friends to play with, my dad and brother volunteered their services as child chasers.
Both girls were passed out in bed by 6pm and slept right through to 8! 



  1. It sounds wonderful. I'm glad it went well and you enjoyed it.

  2. Glad it all went well. I miss those parties now my kids are older. I went on my blog for the first time in months today and found a kind comment from you from way back in October! Sorry for my negligent blogging :-). Best wishes Rachel

  3. so a perfect birthday party. Glad they all enjoyed it.


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