Wednesday 11 March 2015

Birthday party preps begin

DD is having her birthday party on Saturday at a local play centre. I was planning to hold her party at home on a budget but the idea of entertaining 10+ children while being almost 30 weeks pregnant just doesn't work well for me. 
This week is also Cheltenham week so Hubby is working a ridiculous amount of hours leaving 90% of the organising to me. I know it's not his fault though and he is supporting me where possible. He was doing the vacuuming for me last night at 11.30pm after an 11 hour shift!!!

I'm breaking things down into tasks for each day, yesterday I tackled the party bags (see above), tonight I will be wrapping birthday presents and writing out her cards. Tomorrow I'm chasing RSVPS and sorting out party outfits, Friday is birthday cake shopping, candles and the birthday food shop.
I'm sure I will be panicking about something on Saturday morning but I think I have basics covered.

Wish me luck 

x x x


  1. I think you were wise to hold the party outside the house......

  2. Oh Sarah. well done with planning it all out and pacing yourself. I', sure Saturday will be a happy day for you, if a little hectic at times. Fingers crossed that you can have a sleep-in on Sunday.

    Michelle and tabby cat Megs, sending xxxxx and many encouraging purry head-butts

    p.s. - wow your hubby is wonderful, your are such a great couple


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