Thursday 19 March 2015

DD turns 5!

We sent off a very happy DD to school this morning. We woke up a little early and opened a few presents together followed by a birthday breakfast of chocolate ring donuts. 
So we aren't winning any healthy eating awards today but I think if you're doing something as important as turning five you can pick your own special breakfast.
We've taken some cakes into school for DD to share out at snack time with her classmates. She also gets to sit on a special chair decorated with balloons for lessons and choose today's story time book. 
After school she is off to MacD with her best friend for a happy meal (escorted by Daddy).

Sounds like a cracking day to me 
x x x


  1. oh she looks so grown up now that she is 5!!! Wish her a Happy Birthday from me.

  2. Oh to be five again! Life is so full of wonders and joys.

  3. what a fun day she is so adorable

  4. Sounds fab! Hope she enjoyed her special day :-)


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