Sunday 8 March 2015

Sunday in the kitchen

I  woke up this morning after a luxurious lie in. Hubby had all the morning chores complete by the time I emerged so nothing needed doing.
I was a free agent.

DD; Can we do baking?
Me; Yes. What would you fancy making?
DD; The one where you lick the bowl!

In the end we settled on chocolate sponge cakes for lunchboxes. DD and Baby D helped out with all the  stirring and measuring, but funny enough both disappeared once they had had their fill of raw ingredients. (And bowl licking)

Still I got to enjoy a peaceful cuppa while I had them in the oven. 

Definitely a pleasant frugal way to spend an afternoon with my girls.

X X X 


  1. licking the bowl baking is always the best!!!

  2. That looks like one happy little girl!

  3. yumm the look good. The sweetest memories of my kids when they were little was I get to do it with the grands


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