Friday 26 May 2023

Not our greatest week


This week has felt like a bit of a disaster. Our car needed repairs, two of our children have been having difficulties at school and we needed to use the local food bank.
It's all felt a bit overwhelming so I'm very thankful that half term is here and everyone can have a good rest and relax in the safety of home. 

Today I needed to feel like I'd make a success of at least something so I washed the patio curtains.
My parents gave me a packet of curtain hooks a few days ago because the curtains were barely staying up. Unfortunately patio curtains are considered a very good hiding place during games of hide and seek so they are tugged around a fair amount. 
Still they are bright and fresh now, beautifully scented and hung almost correctly. 
My tiny bit of success is complete.

Tomorrow begins half term. I'm hoping to rally the troops and get them to help me clear out the back garden and make it a nice playing space for summer. 
Time will tell how onboard they will all be but hopefully I will have some good progress reports to share with you each day. That's the plan anyway. 



  1. i hope you all have a good week and things improve for you xx

  2. I'm sorry you had a ddifficult week. I hope you all enjoy the half term and hopefully get some good weather.

  3. Sorry you had a crap week. My car went for its MOT and FAILED. Expensive repairs to brakes...


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