Wednesday 18 March 2020

Day of quarentine

Sooooo thanks to BoJo changing the rules suddenly we are now officially detained in our house for a while. 
I appreciate its for the greater good but at the same time I wasnt quite ready, mentally, for it.
Anyhoo, its happened now so lets just make the best of it.
Day 1 has been pretty unstructured to let everyone settle into the idea of being home.
The children played in the garden for a while and then indoors with their cardboard boxes.
Lunch was the pack lunches I'd prepared for school, we didn't find out we couldn't go until we'd walked half way there.
Dinner was roast chicken, boiled veg and tatties. There's lost of veg and chicken left over for tomorrow's lunch and dinner. I'm desperate not to waste any food while its hard to source any.
In the late afternoon we watched a family movie followed by our usual bath and bedtime.

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  1. I think it going to make us all use more of our imaginations in ALL our activities. Cooking, playtime,money spending.


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