Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Town discovery

Today we discovered The Little Free Library near Eastleigh town centre. 
Isn't it the most fantastic idea? What a fab thing to have in your garden for the community to enjoy.
I left one of the free books I recieved through Facebay, and Gman helped me choose another.

Apparently I should read this one because it has a doggy on the cover. I managed to read the first few pages before the school run and so far it looks pretty good.
Good choice Gman!
I will be popping back regularly to switch out books. It's a pretty popular library so the titles change often. 

X x X


  1. This is a brilliant idea, someone has a kind heart.

  2. I've read that; it was pretty good as I remember. I love the little free libraries - wish we had one nearby. There IS a bookcase at the train station, but it never seems to have much of interest...


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