Sunday, 24 February 2019

Nearly there

We are almost at the end of half term. Just one last day left tomorrow. The 3 eldest all have inset days or as DD1 insists on calling it Insect day.
It's been a bright and beautiful day outside warm enough for us all to walk to the park without coats.

We enjoyed the playground equipment including the sandpit. Always a big attraction for Gman. 
Hubby popped over the road to the petrol station to buy everyone a drink. I'd of taken some with us if I'd realised how warm it was.
When he returned he'd also treated me to two bunches of daffodils. My favourite flowers.

After the park we walked home along the river, pausing to play pooh sticks at bridges, look at interesting leaves and convincing DD1 every approaching dog was not rabid and about to attack her. Her phobia of dogs has increased to an alarming level lately. 

It was a wonderful afternoon spent outdoors, hopefully to be repeated again soon if this weather stays so mild. 

X x

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