Thursday, 21 February 2019

More fun at the zoo

We spent another day at the zoo today enjoying our annual passes. We focused less on the animals and more on the playgrounds as usually we'd skip them. After paying around £80 to get everyone in the idea of wasting most of the afternoon on the slide seemed a bit daft when we could visit playgrounds for free! But thats a thing of the past now. 
All four children were trying to fall asleep in the car on the way home. I think I'm in for an easy bedtime. 
I bet they all grow an inch in their sleep tonight after all that fresh air and exercise.

I've been thinking of ways to make the most of our annual passes. Today we registered a book with book crossing and left it in the mouth of this hungry wooden shark for another child to read. We waited nearby to see who found it and were delighted to see a fellow book lover actually jump for joy when he found it. 
 I'll definitely try and take a book from our charity shop pile each time we visit.
In the summer DD2 is eager to paint lots of hidden rocks to take with us for others to find. She wants to paint them with animal prints and leave them near the correct animals. I think its a great idea, and have already reserved some acrylic paints at The Works to set her to work.

I wonder what else we can try up there.
Ideas welcome.

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  1. WHat a fantastic day and my eyes actually filled when I read about the joy of the book lovely - how lovely is that, to give such joy.
    Annual passes are great and mean the regular visits end up saving you cash (in a way!)


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