Wednesday 23 January 2019

Chilly morning fun

We had our first properly icy morning of the winter today. The three eldest had great fun stamping on the ice covered puddles on the way to school. I'm pretty sure at least one of them had a soggy foot by the time we arrived, thankfully the school is heated like a furnace so they didn't suffer.
Gman's preschool is just as toasty. He always comes out a bit flushed at home time.

While everyone was at school or work I decided to spend my free time in the kitchen. I whipped up a family sized Toad in the Hole, and two spiced Apple cakes using some of my frozen apple stash from the summer. 
Annoyingly I managed to drop the second cake. I knocked it against the edge of the oven door after giving it a quick skewer test. The whole thing flipped over to land on the glass of the oven door  so I was able to save most of it by scooping it up quick. Needless to say it looks terrible lol. Thankfully custard covers a multitude of sins. Phew.

What have you all been baking lately?

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  1. It looks good! And probably tasted good too.x

  2. Lots of chocolate bread, pizzas and raspberry muffins (using frozen fruit as its cheaper). Yours sounds yummy


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