Monday 7 January 2019

Back to school

We managed our first day back at school with out any hiccups. Everyone had their lunch boxes and PE kits in order and we arrived in good time. Both of the girls were eager to tell me all the new gossip from their classes on the way home. Gman was only interested in his snack lol.
Once home we had an experimental Slow cooker cottage pie which seemed to go down well with everyone. It's definitely a recipe I'll try again. 
DD1 kept her news resolution to tidy her room each day for 15 minutes. Today we set an alarm and cleared out her bookshelf. Tomorrow 21 unwanted books will be passed on to a charity shop. I'm very proud of her decluttering efforts. DD1 definitely struggles with the hoarding gene so this was a big moment for her. We've been watching episodes of Marie Kondo on Netflix together.

I've also finished my Valentine's pouches and have moved onto a crochet unicorn that DD1 spotted in one of my magazines. She asked me to use the pink flutterby wool from my stash which would make an amazing softie.
The only issue is it was originally crocheted in DK by sizing it up to chunky wool the unicorn has become much MUCH larger 😂😂😂
I'll let you know how it turns out.

X x X

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  1. Cottage pie in a slow cooket is new to me, sounds like it was okay though.


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