Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Making preparations

I sat in a café earlier today to warm up from the rain that's been pouring down most of the day. 
On the table next to me were woman discussing Brexit and all the potential problems that could happen. One of the ladies seemed to think birds would fly backwards and we'd all be living in caves with flint tools by Christmas 2019.
The other thought there would be some mild disruption to things while Britian was on the naughty step for a while. 
Both however agreed that they should get some things in to combat the big change over and beat the panic buying that we do so well in Britian. Remember the big freeze milk shortage? Just the hint of a milk shortage made a lot of people suddenly double or triple their usual purchase, just in case!
I've seen a few bloggers posting about Brexit stockpiles and had good intentions of getting round to it, but of course I didn't! 
So after my coffee I bought my first item to stash for Brexit survival. A jar of 28p jam isn't going to feed the 6 of us for very long but it's a start. 
For the next 122 days until Brexit arrives (if it does because its all very confusing at the moment) I will be adding to my stockpile every few days. 
Luck favours the prepared and all that.

Are you prepping for Brexit or anything else?

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  1. Since I'm in Canada - no Brexit worries - but since it's already snowing outside I stockpile for Winter. It's just me so I don't have to keep a ton of stuff but it helps to know that I don't have to go out if the weather is truly terrible. I don't drive and walk with a cane so I do need to think ahead. I have read a lot about the Brexit situation of course and think that people would be wise to have a few extras on hand. I'm sure it will all settle down eventually (exporters on the continent aren't going to want to lose their UK markets) but I think there will be a lot of delays in the beginning which could cause issues for you all.

  2. I have seriously considered bigging up the wine 'cellar' as apparently we wont be getting any from Chile or anywhere else for that matter.

  3. I think it will be the daftest things we actually run out of in the event .....Stockpiling loo rolls as we speak

  4. cooking on a bootstrap (jac monroe) has an article on her site on the brexit stockpiling you might like to take a look she is definitely in favour


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