Thursday, 29 November 2018

Current knitting project

I was very kindly gifted some beautiful Flutterby yarn recently by my mum. It's one of those lovely chunky yarns which knits up very quickly. It's like trying to knit with  marshmallow and I'm really enjoying it.
The project above is a jacket for Baby W but it looks HUGE, I think it may even fit Gman once I'm finished but I can always pop it away for later. It's not taken nearly as much yarn as I expected either so I may even do a second one too.

Yesterdays addition to the Brexit stock was 4 tins of Tuna. They are currently £2.70 in Home Bargains which seemed quite resonable.
We all eat Tuna in the house so these can be made into all sorts of dishes.
Our family favourite is tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake.  

How do you like your tuna?

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  1. Mived with mayo on a jacket potato or zizzed with cottage cheese and spices and made into a dip.
    Lovely stuff!


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