Saturday 8 September 2018

Busy day

Hurrah! We have survived our first week of school. Sure it was only a 3 day week but it's hit both of the girls quite hard and they are both very tired.
We started the day with a visit to Eastleigh town centre as DD2 wanted to spend her birthday money in the toy shop.
On the way home we walked through the Eastleigh Pride festival but it was very busy and very very loud so we didn't linger to long.
We did however find a few painted rocks on our travels which kept everyone fairly amused.

Once home we had a quick lunch and then visited a pop up forge in our carpark.
Eventually when our estate is finished there will be a sculpture erected on the green in the centre of the houses. It's going to be a giant trowel, which seems a bit rude as the estate used to a big patch of allotments.
At the forge you could make little clay shapes that would be copied and added to the finished sculpture. 
I'll try and post a photo when it goes up but i don't think it'll be for a little while.
Once we were home again I pottered in the garden for a while. I've planted two types of garlic in the garden - White Cassablanca and Pink Germidor. As well as the Thyme and Oregano seeds that arrived with my gardening magazine a few days ago. The green house is looking rather full now which always makes me feel rather productive.

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