Friday, 28 September 2018

A day for things ending well

We're celebrating today. My lovely Husband has had a bit of a health scare. Today after two weeks of worry, test results and some poking and prodding, he's been given the all clear.
The relief is indescribable.
At the girls school today the Year 6 children were hosting a Macmillan coffee morning just before school pick up.
It made me think of all those people who won't get the all clear today and we purchased several iced cupcakes to help support the amazing work they do.

Another good ending also happened today, although much more trivial than DH's good news. 
After months of being annoyed at our mismatched Harry Potter collection...

...we finally completed it! We picked up a copy of Book 4 in a charity shop for just 25p! 
I will pop the extra copy into one of the local charity shops when our next donation bag is full.

X x X


  1. so pleased to hear your good news xx

  2. Glad DH's results were good and a good way to celebrate.

  3. Glad to hear about DH's good news - had to laugh at the Harry Potter thing, though - and glad it's not just our house which is like that. We had the entire series of Series of Unfortunate Events in the same binding, except one. Used to drive me crazy until finally we found a replacement!

  4. Excellent news all round - a super start to the weekend!

  5. Wonderful coincidences - my sister (based in London) is doing Sober October to raise funds for Macmillan, as did her partner last year by doing a tandem skydive. I got my 5 year breast cancer clearance early this year - and used the Macmillan site, along with NZs own Cancer Society for information. And I have just started re-reading my Harry Potter books. Delighted that your husband is okay and hope you all enjoyed the cupcakes! Michelle in Wellington, NZ.

  6. lovely to hear your good news x


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