Thursday 26 April 2018

It's been an epic day

It's been a tough day. 
To be fair it wasn't ever going to be a great day but it turned out to be a bit harder than expected.
Sadly my husband paternal grandmother passed away suddenly 2 days before our daughter was born. The funeral was today. 
My mum very kindly offered to watch the two smallest while we attended the funeral and wake, the two eldest were in school as usual.
As you know DD2 has her own backpack of issues that need sorting each day. Thinking ahead I made sure she had spare uniform and all the possible supplies she needed for the day. I told her TA as I dropped her off that hubby and I would be out of contact for the day as there was a family funeral and I'd topped her up with every possible supply they needed. 
With in an hour the school phoned us asking us to pick DD2 up. At this point the funeral was about 20 minutes from starting and we were a good 45 minutes drive away from DD2. 
In the end we sat through the service completely distracted by clock watching, managed a few handshakes with the relevant people as we left and apologised a lot. 
We missed the wake.
Then we grabbed the small ones from my mum quickly and hurried onto the motorway only to get stuck in traffic due to an accident for an hour.
We eventually picked up DD2 just after 1pm. I knew I was to angry to talk to anyone yet so I was planning to just grab and go. Of course the TA, a different one from the morning, needed a quick chat.
TA; Just to let you know she had a very loose BM.
Me: Yes. That's because of the laxatives and medication she on for the scan.
TA: Oh! Is she on medicine?

How I left that school without head butting the wall in frustration I'll never know. It was a very grown up moment for me in hindsight.
Rest assured I will be having a meeting with the schools SENCO (Special educational needs co-ordinator) on Monday to find out just what is going on.
She better brace herself, this mama is not happy!



  1. Oh what an awful day for you. Serious failings on the part of the school - go get em!

  2. I am so sorry that you have had such an awful time today. I hope you get a proper apology from the school. It sounds as if they are not passing on the important information about DD2s needs to the TAs who work with her. And to ring you whilst you were at a family funeral is really not appropriate. I hope the SENCO can untangle this catalogue of errors. You're in my thoughts and prayers xx

  3. Just sending hugs your way.A very distressing day for you all x

  4. Sorry you had such a bad day. Losing a loved one and a funeral are bad enough on their own without the extra worries. I hope you sort the school out.


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