Wednesday 18 April 2018

A trio of tulips

Not long before our new family member arrived, we took a family walk over to the local garden centre. As it was just after Easter there were several very good reductions on spring bulbs. Hubby helped the children each pick a £1 pot of Tulips for me to enjoy on the lounge windowsill. 

I came home from hospital just in time to catch them in full bloom. They were beautiful and brought a smile to my face when ever I past them. 

This morning though they had definitely past their best. A quick scan of advice on Pinterest told me to remove the flowers and allow the leaves and stems to die back naturally. Hopefully this means that I will get to enjoy their beautiful colours again next year, and if I'm very lucky the bulbs may even split to create even more baby tulips to enjoy.
Fingers crossed.

X x X

P.S - My hospital appointment today went very well and I'm cleared to resume daily life. In the promise I take things slowly of course.

X x X


  1. What a lovely gift to come home to! Good to hear you're ok to get going again...slowly, of course. And welcome to the new arrival!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and I'm glad about your good news.
    J x


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