Sunday 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

We are all finally well and rested enough to start enjoying the school break. It's taken me a good while to feel back on my feet and one by one each member of the household has succumbed to the virus and needed nursing. 
We started our day with an Easter egg hunt through the house following clues. 

 Then an Easter Turkey roast at Nanny and Grandads house. After our big dinner we decided on a nice walk to Grandads allotment and back. Next term DD is learning about mini - beasts and life cycles so we jumped at the chance to discover some tadpoles in a bath pond. Baby D was fascinated by them.

We also found a slow worm enjoying lunch on the compost heap.  After watching him for a few minutes we made sure to tuck him back in safely and warm under his carpet blanket. 
DD is convinced he was a snake and I will hold up my hands and admit after ten minutes of trying to convince her otherwise I gave up. There are some battles you will just never win with a five year old and this was definitely one of them.

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  1. that slow worm is icky!! I would have taken some convincing also it wasn't a snake.


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