Monday 6 April 2015

A morning in the garden.

This morning has been sunny and bright which really got our blood moving. Though we're planning to stay close to home and frugal, we certainly won't be staying indoors with weather like this. 
Inspired by Grandads allotment yesterday we headed out into the garden.

We potted up some spring onions and leeks we'd grown from cooking offcuts. They are both experiments but seem to be doing well so far. 

DD wanted a "big girl job" so she was put in charge of the first batch of cut and come again salad leaves. She's a doting plant parent and has been checking for growth every 5 minutes since planting this morning. 

We also deweeded the front path, planted my tree from Mother's day, and gave the whole plot a dig over. I'm hoping the two lavender plants take off this year after surviving their first winter. I am not expecting much for a few years but hoping they do well for future use.

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  1. we were going to buy a small garden rake for Nora so when she comes up she can rake the grass, as she loves using the Swiffer to go over the floors at home.


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