Sunday 12 April 2015

A little update from the Randoms.

I was hoping to blog today about splurging our Grand National winnings but sadly not.
Not one of our horses even finished this year.  Daddy lost his on jump three, DD on jump 6, me on jump 8! Baby D did the best with her choice (The Druids Nephew) making it 27 jumps before falling over and actually led the runners for a short while.
 It was a lot of fun though watching this year as DD could follow it better. It also led onto some nice conversations about horses and racing etc.
Tomorrow the girls are going out for the day with my parents. OH and I are planning to use the opportunity for a breakfast date at our favourite cafe followed by a walk on the beach (bump permitting). It'll be nice to get some time together before LO arrives. I'm 35 weeks Friday so we might have as little as 3 weeks to go. Both girls arriving in the 38th week, but I'm told boy babies tend to good longer so maybe not.

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