Wednesday 22 October 2014

Presents for pennies

We recently had our first birthday party invite sent home from school. Being a family living on a small budget I needed some clever ideas for a budget present.  After a few searches on the fountain of knowledge that is pinterest and a quick visit to Poundworld I hit on a marvellous idea.

 What little girl wouldn't love a pretty apron and baking kit. Complete with her initial in sparkly thread.  The apron took about 15 minutes to make from a tea towel (a pack of I have a spare in reserve) and some spare ribbon. Embroidery took about 45 minutes using a pattern found free on the net.
 I added a princess baking kit as I felt it needed a little something else with it.
 Total cost - £2.00

 I was stopped a few days after the party by the recipients mum who thanked me for such a thoughtful gift.  Her daughter had played with it all weekend and they'd really enjoyed baking together.
 I think I can class that as a major success :)

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  1. I used to make superhero capes for boy presents & tutu's for girls presents & they always went down really well

  2. Briliant ideas. Well done. Some pretty Christmas teatowels would make good Xmas aprons for gifts too.

  3. What a splendidly frugal - but fun! - idea. You are clever!! Although it would take a tad more time, I wonder if the initial on a plain "patch pocket" would be nice, as the sparkly wonderfulness gets a bit lost on the patterned fabric.

  4. Now that is a really good idea, little girl would of had so much fun baking with her Mum whilst wearing her very own apron. Brilliant.

  5. Lovely idea! That apron looks really nice.


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