Thursday 23 October 2014

Frugal Half Term begins

 It's officially half term. DDs school has finished today due to staff training tomorrow.
  Being on a budget but also wanting some fun we have allocated £50 to the half term fund for entertainment!  So let's see how we can stretch that into 9, days of frugal fun.
 Our first £1 from the budget has been spent on a pack of exercise books (3) from the ever dependable Wilko.

The girls have been given one each as their Half term diaries. And job one is decoration!
 We've pulled out all the stops with stickers, glue and shiny paper.

 These diaries are a fantastic money saving idea for us as almost everything free becomes a souvenir.  Leaflets, ticket stubs, printed photos, used parking tickets and such like make great page additions. Plus if we do buy a little something after our visit a postcard or sticker is often one of the cheapest gifts in the store.
 Hopefully I will be able to show you our first completed page tomorrow after we go swimming together.

 X x

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