Tuesday 21 October 2014

All change please, all change.

 2014 has been an incredibly crazy year for the Random family. We've dealt with last minute house moves, hospital emergencies, career changes, loosing and gaining family members and a whole host of never ending situations and scenarios.
 And we're not done yet!
September has seen DD off to school which has been a much bigger change for us all than I first realised.  Learning to run your day around school drop offs and pick ups has been strange. We've also had to step up on being more organised (hands up DDs been sent to school with a jumper still warm from the tumble drier on two occasions).
 I feel like we're finally getting there now though. We've reached that lovely plateau where things have begun to become routine.  I checked DDs uniform drawer on Sunday to find I'd washed, dried and put away her uniform from last week without remembering I'd done it!

  But as I say 2014 isn't done with us yet. We have a big secret to reveal in the works that your all going to love, and a big purchase to save for with some back to basic frugalling.
 So long story short ... I will be back blogging from tomorrow and sharing more of our frugalling adventures and experiments.
 Watch this space folks. 2014 is ending with a BANG!


  1. How lovely to see you back! Missed you. I have no children and I really enjoy hearing about other people's offspring.

  2. How exciting! Like Frugally Challenged I enjoy reading about other people's children! I look forward to reading your exciting news.


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