Monday 20 December 2010

Great Nanna Gift.

A late night post for my Blog friends today. I am happy to say that I have completed my lap blanket for my dear ole Nan's Xmas present. I'm really please with how its turned out actually. It's the first time I've ever crocheted anything but a granny square so I was a little nervous but I soon got the hang of making these flower squares thanks to this blog

And so without further ado here it is.......................

Please excuse the fact its a bit squished up as I haven't even had a chance to press it yet, rest assured it will be pressed, folded and tied with ribbon before being presented to my Nana.
And also here is a quick photo of why I don't get a chance to knit and crochet quite as much as I used to anymore lol.

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  1. it is beautiful, i so want to learn how to crochet, may have to search some tutorials over these cold winter nights


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