Tuesday 21 December 2010

Tis the season to be shopping.....

....tra la la la la. La la la lah.

A very successful trip to Mr. A's today.

  • 3x packs of 6 crumpets reduced down to 9p
  • 3x packs of 4 teacakes reduced down to 14p
  • 3x packs of 3 stems of Rhubarb reduced down to 10p (from 80p!!!!!)
  • 1x vegetable platter with dip reduced down to 10p (from £3!)
  • 2x packs of pre-sliced mushrooms reduced down to 10p
  • 1 large punnet of cranberries reduced down to 10p
  • 4 packs of 10 Xmas cards reduced down to 5p

The crumpets and teacakes have been frozen down. The rhubarb I roughly chopped quick and have frozen down to be made into crumbles on my next baking day. The mushrooms I chopped into much smaller chunks and have frozen for adding to pastas, pizzas and omelette's. The Christmas cards are nice a small so if I don't use them all they will be perfect for next years gift tags. The veggie platter seems to have mysteriously disappeared (nom nom nom)
The cranberries are something I have always wanted to have a play and an experiment with so that's tomorrow afternoons entertainment sorted out!!!!
This may be the season that traditionally spells expense but if you are sharp eyed and prepared to have a good rummage there are still bargains to be found out there.

x x x x

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  1. oooh fab, I love the bargains you can get this time of year, especially if supermarkets over stock, plus people ar ebuying goodies so every day items often get recuded :)


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