Monday 1 January 2024

Welcome 2024


Welcome 2024!

This year was the first time all 5 children made it to midnight. We slipped on our coats and slippers at midnight and watched some of the fireworks that were all around us. 

There didn't seem quite as many as previous years but what we saw were beautiful.

We spent the afternoon in the company of my brother and his family. We drank some tea in the cafe at Itchen Valley while our children enjoyed the indoor play area. 

Just as we decided to try a little walk through the woods, it started to rain. We hopped back into our cars and decided on a little visit to Haskins garden centre instead.

Tom (DH) kindly treated me to a beautiful pink petunia and a white African violet. The Violet was reduced to £1 with lots of new leaves and flowers buds growing. Both are currently living on my dining room table. 

Once home we had a nice dinner of Ham, egg and chips before the back to school bathing and hairwashes began for the older two children.  Tom gave DS a haircut while I settled the smallest two into bed with a story. 

Then I worked on my first journal page for 2024. I'm hoping to build up a sort of diary over the year filled with little mementos of our adventures. Today I saved an used coffee stirrer, empty sugar packet, till receipt and parking ticket. I added a few decorations that tied into the days adventures. I wished I picked up a leaf to include now but maybe I'll do that on another trip. 

My evening will be spent drinking tea and knitting little stuffed hearts for my Valentines day project. I need to make about 15 and so far I've made 9. 

Happy New Year 

X x X

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