Friday 26 January 2024

Time is whizzing past


I feel like the phrase 'blink and you miss it' is apt this week. We have had poorly children, job interviews, household drama and a garden shed burglary.

Poor Miss C - DD4 has had a really horrid case of conjunctivitis which we are just starting to win the battle with. It's needed a lot of vigilance to stop it getting worse or spreading to any other little Spurriers.

Tom, DH, is on the look out for a new job and has been attending some interviews including one for TESLA that latest almost half a day. So far he's had no luck getting a job offer but I just know there is job waiting around the corner for him.

In the house we have had to reshuffle some rooms and sleeping arrangements again. As the children are getting older our bedrooms needs are changing. We've made the decision to give up our living room for DS. So far it's a bit awkward but it's working.  Mostly.

And finally today I came home from the school run to find our garden shed has been riffled through by persons unknown. We only keep some garden toys, lawn chairs and the paddling pool in it so there was nothing to steal. They had a good poke around though to make sure 😡 it makes me feel a bit funny that somes one's been in our space though. You just know they tried our back door and windows while they were there too *shudder*

But onwards and forwards as they say. I've kept myself occupied by making the children all a little treat to enjoy after school. They deserve to celebrate the end of a long week to.

Don't you just love these snack cups too? In our house we call them Bups (Bowl-Cups). They are apparently quite trendy at the moment on Tiktok and the like, according to my teenager anyway. Its not I get told I'm on trend 🤣.



  1. So sad to hear you had intruders in your shed, it is unnerving.

    Crossing my fingers your husband finds the perfect job. It's out there!!!!

    I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for your writings.

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