Tuesday 5 September 2023



The eldest two went back to school today which meant I spent most of the day thinking it was Monday when it obviously isn't! 
It was just me and Miss C for the day.

I'm not very happy with Miss C at the moment because yesterday evening she "helpfully" fed the divorce fish. Nothing wrong with that of course BUT she dumped the entire contents of three pots of fish food into the tank. 
The water this morning resembled soup with so much debris in the water and sadly several of our fish had suffocated overnight because of it.
I felt awful telling the children what had happened when they woke up. Mr G was particularly upset as one of the fish that died was his favourite. 
Once everyone was at school and Miss C safely distracted I sorted the tank out. It took forever to get the water clear again. Luckily we still have 9 fish remaining. I just really hope they make it.

In the afternoon, along with several talks about "don't touch the fishtank", we made some spider cookies together. Miss C is always very enthusiastic about the stirring and cutting out parts.
 We also made some popcorn in the microwave as an after school snack which went down well with everyone. 

Whilst Miss C took her afternoon nap I started working on the plants in the front garden. I picked up two reduced punnets of autumn bedding plants for £1 recently and have been nursing them back to health as they were quite dehydrated when I bought them. 
Today I started popping them into pots to decorate the front garden. 
I'm looking forward to seeing how they do as the marigolds were really successful over summer but are now coming to the end.

This evening's plans are a nice cool shower, Dow loading some new Kindle books and reading my current kindle book which is awful. However I'm forcing myself to finish it as I'm over half way through. 
Hopefully my next choice will read better!


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