Saturday 9 September 2023



 We have completed our first week of back to school. Everyone seems to have had a nice time and though there's been a few hiccups here and there, it could have been much worse!  

 On Friday I survived my first solo day at home by scrubbing the family bathroom for a few hours. It made for a nice distraction and it felt good to just complete a big clean without being interrupted by little voices wanted snacks or help or entertainment.

I was hoping to get the children out of the house today to visit our local Pride festival, but everyone has slept badly for a third night during the heat wave and no one was very enthusiastic about going so we now spending the day at home relaxing instead. 

 One positive of the heat wave is that I'm staying up half the night reading because I'm to hot to sleep. I've been favouring the Kindle app on my phone over physical books so I can read in the dark without disturbing anyone who's trying to sleep more sucessfully than I am. 

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