Saturday 1 April 2023



 Today we all took a soggy walk into Eastleigh for our first free event of half term. All 5 of the children happily joined in with the Easter wreath making, I couldn't resist a photo of them taking up a whole side of the craft table to themselves. Every so often I look at them doing something like this and realise that 5 is a lot of children 🤣 and yet at other times it feels like just enough children or even not enough children 😂. 

 After the craft session we took a nice long walk around the shops taking part in an Easter trail. We found all of the bunnies hidden in shop windows eventually and returned our completely sheets to enter a competition and receive an Easter chocolate each. We were one of the first 75 to take part so we also were given a cute blue tote bag and some Easter themed stickers. 

 After the trail we headed to Macdonald's for a Happy meal each. The price of the meals has increased dramatically along with everything else so I think that will be our only visit this half term as I'm sure there are cafes we can go to with cheaper children's meals. When you are buying 5 at a time the costs really creeps up 🤣

 We are all now home for the afternoon. DD1 and the two smallest are happily snuggled together watching a film together and DD2 and DS1 are playing video games. I'm hoping for a peaceful cup of coffee and a chapter of my current book before anyone needs me.

Fingers crossed.

X X x


  1. Good to see you back posting again. Hope Easter hols go well.

  2. It sounds like a really lovely day for everyone. xx


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