Saturday 1 April 2023


  Friday was spent mostly at home. 

 A neighbour of our has been struggling a little with life lately and I've been trying to help out. So on weekdays once I've gotten up and sorted my own household out, I then pop next door and get my neighbours children up, dressed and fed. I often pop the laundry on and set up the slow cooker while I'm there as it's nice and early in the day.  To say thank you they gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my dining table 🥰

 There seems to be so much struggling and worry around at the moment I think it's really important we all try and look after each other. Goodness knows no one else will at the moment. Times are hard indeed. 

 X X X 


  1. it's lovely that you find the time to help your neighbour when you are busy yourself, very kind xx

  2. What a lovely thing to do, we all need to look out for our neighbours more.


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